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Is Your Beard Spring Ready?

David Ferrell

Spring is all around.

We all do it. Spring comes about and we do a little "spring cleaning." Winter clothes up. T-shirts and shorts come out from the back of the closet. But that's not all. Don't stop with your clothes and garages - your beard needs some cleaning too.

Freshen Up Your Beard

After a few months of winter, we get accustomed to the sights and smells of the cold winter chill. Why not switch it up this season by trying out our Lemon Drop Beard Oil. Crisp, tart, yet sweet, this fresh and lightweight beard oil will help rejuvenate you each morning.

Wash Up

We recently launched our Beard Wash, and there is no better way to give your beard the care and conditioning it's ever had. With its light cleansing blend, you won't feel like you've just been through a power wash cycle at your local car wash. Use a quarter size amount, lather up, and enjoy.

Don't Sweat It - Let It Grow

Nearly everyone asks us how you make it through the summer with a beard. Here are a few things that can help. First, use beard oil. Beard Oils will help reduce itchiness that can come from the heat or sweat under your beard. Plus, beard oils help block the suns harmful UV rays, so you get a double benefit from using them. Second, use a quality wooden comb. Using a wooden comb allows you to easily care for your beard without the constant snagging or pulling of hairs that plastic combs cause. Wooden combs also help give your beard a fuller look, loosening and straightening the hair which will help the air penetrate it, cooling your face off. Our Pocket Comb is the perfect way to comb and care for your beard. And finally, if you must, trim it up. Don't freak out - we aren't telling you to shave. That word makes us cringe. You have probably been growing your beard out for a few months, and we applaud you for that. Spring brings about new things, so it might be a good time to shape-up your beard.


So as the spring season begins, take a little time and show your beard some love! It deserves it!

David Ferrell

Owner and Founder of The Rustic Beardsman

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