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Don't Last Minute It - He Deserves The Rustic Beardsman

David Ferrell

Father's Day is near. Are you ready?

The Rustic Beardsman Wash, Oil, Balm, and Comb


Father's Day is right around the corner, and dad would love to celebrate his day with a little Rustic Beardsman goodness! Here are a few special Father's Day gift ideas to help you find just the right item for that special dad in your life.

Daybreak Beard Oil

Is your dad a man's man? With a hint of smokiness, this blend is one of complexity, deepness, and masculinity. And that is exactly what he'll get with some Daybreak Beard Oil.

Beard Wash and Pocket Comb Kit

The Rustic Beardsman Beard Wash and Pocket Comb Kit

Every dad takes care of himself, so why not let him take care of his beard as well? With three beard wash scents to choose from, he'll be able to start or end his day on the right note. Along with the pocket comb, his beard will get some love throughout the day, wherever he may be.

The Rustic Original Dual Collection

The Rustic Beardsman Rustic Original Dual Oil and Balm

Is your dad a straight-and-narrow kind of guy? Keep it simple then - Our Rustic Original Dual Collection provides the basics needed to give him the best looking beard around.

The Kitchen Sink

The Rustic Beardsman Wash, Oil, Balm, and Comb The Kitchen Sink

Maybe your dad has a seriously majestic beard that needs a little more than just the basics. If this is the case, The Kitchen Sink has everything he will need to keep his beard in tip-top shape.

While you're there, use the code DADSDAY at checkout to save an additional 10% off any of the mentioned products above. This code is good through Father's Day, June 19, 2016.

Featured Review: What people are saying about The Rustic Beardsman.

I ordered the beard wash and beard comb, along with a bottle of Midnight Train. The beard wash was unscented, but that does not bother me in the slightest. It leaves more room for the Midnight Train. The feeling of my beard after a wash is great. It does not feel like it is weighed down with extra stuff that does not need to be there. As for the comb - oh that comb - that is such a nice addition to my personal hygiene regiment. I use the wide spacing part to get rid of any tangles, and then style is with the finer spaced part. Again, great job on the products and the customer service! - Hans M.

Have a great week and Happy Father's Day!

David Ferrell

The Original Rustic Beardsman and Owner

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