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Why Buy A Wood Comb | The Rustic Beardsman

David Ferrell

Why Buy A Wood Comb?
This is one of the most asked questions we receive, and we decided it was time for a proper explanation. Before we answer that question though, let's look at the other comb types available for beards. Yes, there are more than one.
A Brief History Of The Comb
Combs have been in existence for centuries. It is virtually impossible to nail down who invented the comb, as they were evident in history dating back to 5,000BC. The earliest discovered combs were made of wood, stone, or ivory. A majority of them were used for ceremonial purposes, but over time, as discovered in China, both the wealthy and poor used combs for better health, including ridding themselves of lice. 
Throughout history, the comb has been primarily made from wood. Naturally, wood was the best choice simply because it was the most widely available resource. However once plastics were discovered, this cheap, synthetic or semi-synthetic material took over as the dominant material used to manufacture combs. Thus introducing, the plastic comb.
The Plastic Comb
Cheap. Versatile. Long lasting. The plastic comb became the primary comb manufactured and used around the world. Wooden combs became more of a specialty item as the "plastic revolution" took the world by storm. However, plastic combs are not the best for your beard. They produce static electricity as you comb your beard, causing it to become more entangled. Plastic combs are mold pressed, which in the manufacturing process, leaves microscopic "burs" in between the teeth which snag and pull your beard hairs. Ever wonder why you're getting more ingrown beard hairs? There's one reason why.
Metal Combs
Metal combs are todays "hip" things to have. No, we are not saying they are "hipster", as that word truly has no meaning in the beard world. We are meaning they are the cool thing to have. Sure, they look incredible, and the designs people make from them are stellar. But just as the plastic comb, they are not the best for your beard. Unless the metal is polished in between the teeth, they will, as plastic does, snag and pull your beard hairs out more often than a wooden comb will. They also tend to wipe the natural oils or beard oil away from the beard hairs since metal is a non-porous material and very hard.
The Wooden Comb
Ah, the moment you've been waiting for. The wooden comb. Here is where the rubber meets the road. As stated above, wooden combs have been used for centuries. Wood is one of the most versatile materials on the planet. A good wooden comb can be made from a variety of wood types. We believe that bamboo is the best option for a beard comb. Bamboo is a very sustainable product as bamboo can grow up to 2 feet each day. Bamboo is also less porous than most hardwoods, thus allowing the natural oils in your hair, or beard oil, to be more evenly distributed as you comb through your beard. Here some other benefits of using a wooden beard comb:
  • Effective Detangler - The smooth finish of the wooden comb will glide through your beard much more effectively than plastic or metal.
  • No static electricity buildup - The harder, or more dense the wood is, the less static buildup that occurs, which means a fuller, healthier look.
  • Wooden combs distribute the oils more evenly, thus coating the beard hair from shaft to tip, which plastic or metal combs won't do as effectively.
  • Wooden combs can last a lifetime, if properly cared for. If you need to clean or wash your comb, simply run some warm water over the comb, then wipe it clean. Using soap to clean your comb will strip the oils that have soaked into the wood.
  • Wooden combs give your beard a healthy shine. 
Do you feel more confident in your beard comb decision? We sure hope so, and if you do, head on over to The Rustic Beardsman and check out both our Large Wooden Beard Comb, and our Pocket Wooden Beard Comb. Both of our combs are produced by Bass Brushes, which has been making bamboo combs since 1979, and are hand finished to bring you the finest quality for you and your beard.

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