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David Ferrell

Is Beard Care Really A Thing? Yes. It is.

Since the beginning of time, men have been growing beards. And since that time, beards were being taken care of. Whether it was washing their beard in the river, or rubbing boiled pigs fat in their beards, men had figured out that taking care of their beards was important.
Throughout time, having a beard was seen as a sign of status and wisdom. The Crusaders donned long beards and mustaches, even having their armour made specifically to accommodate their facial hair. The fourteenth-century knight Edward, Lord Despenser, is depicted by a face covered in chain mail, yet with his dapper mustache still visible flowing from the edges of his armour. Beard care was obviously of high importance then, as it is now.


One does not simply grow such a majestic beard without daily care. It takes patience. And a lot of it. It also takes the right products to help soften, condition and make wearing a beard enjoyable. We'll give you a few tips about proper beard care below.
Be patient. We cannot say this enough. Anyone can make it a week or two without shaving, but to make it a month or more takes dedication and resolve to put the razor down and to just let it grow. Yes, it will get unruly. Yes, you'll have the itchy stage. And yes, you'll wonder why you decided to grow one in the first place. Stay strong young beardsman, glory is right around the corner.


Unless you're an oil field roughneck, or you're wrestling bears, twice a week beard cleaning is usually sufficient. The more you wash your beard, despite the "clean" feeling, the hair can be damaged from over washing, especially with store bought body wash or shampoos. Why are store bought products bad for your hair you might ask? Well, nearly ever store bought body wash or shampoo has something called sulfates in them. Sulfates are all primary surfactants. A surfactant is a mixture of molecules that attract both water and oil. This allows the separation of dirt and oils, which are then rinsed down the drain. Sounds good on the surface, but those oils that are washed away from your beard, strip it of all the natural benefits of your naturally produced oils. This can cause dry, brittle, rough hair, which will eventually thin out and even fall out from over washing. So, do us a favor; twice a week washing; with sulfate-free shampoo. (Our own beard wash is in development right now!)


Just as over washing can damage your beard hair, so can combing or brushing too often. Combing and brushing, regardless of the type of comb you use, will pull your hair to some degree. Too much of this and you'll find beard hairs all over the place. Tip: use a handmade wooden comb. The pre-formed plastic combs have unfinished rough edges that end up pulling and tugging your hair.


We repeat, use beard oils and beard balm every day. Beard oils will help soften, smooth, and condition your beard and skin. We use all organic oils in our beard oil blends. The use of organic oils means that nothing chemically has been introduced into the oils. The use of organic oils are not a must, but it is much better for the growth and condition of your beard. We have a page on our website titled Our Sources if you would like to read up on what we use and why.

To achieve the lustrous, majestic beard of your dreams, it will take some focused care. Don't worry, it's not difficult. Just make sure you follow the above tips about caring for your beard. And if you want to get some great beard oils and beard balm, head on over to our shop and pick some up for yourself or your beardsman.

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  • David - The Rustic Beardsman on

    Hey Billy, if you have a short, or long beard, beard wash is great for both. Some face washes have harsh(er) chemicals in them that strip your face of the natural oils your skin produces, which can leave your skin feeling clean, but will leave it dry, especially your beard. You do not have to use beard wash, as everyone has their own choices, however we do recommend using a beard wash that is specifically crafted to be beneficial to both short/long beards, and the skin underneath! Our apologies for being late in our response! Happy Holidays.

  • billly bob on

    what if my beard is shorter? can i use a face wash/scrub to clean it? or do i still have to use a beard wash?

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