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A Few Updates - A Few Changes.

David Ferrell The Rustic Beardsman

Instead of being a wordsmith with this blog entry, I will keep it light, and straight to the point. Throughout 2016, we created new products, tried new things, and developed our brand even more than we thought we had accomplished. The love and support we have received is incredible, and we enjoy every minute of crafting great beard products.

One thing we have learned in our first year, has been that we must stay light on our feet, ready to shift if needed. The ebb and flow of beard care products is visible in the amount of companies that are coming or leaving the marketplace. While this is in no way a blog entry that begins our demise, we wanted to take a moment to clear up a few things, for ourselves, and you all.

Here are a few things you can expect from The Rustic Beardsman in 2017:

  • More streamlined product options. Less crazy bundles or kits.
  • Reduction of product offering to focus on our core favorites.
  • Development of additional products that more closely defines our strategy to not only provide great beard products, but also hair and body products for both men and women.
  • Rebrand a few items that fall under The Rustic Beardsman family of products.

While these changes may seem a little drastic, we feel that we have listened to our fans, our Rustic Beardsman family and are moving in the right direction. Some products may go that you loved, but we have more in development that we think you will love even more. In order to grow, one must be aware of the changing marketplace and adapt, or find themselves outside in the cold.

We appreciate your support over the last year, and we are excited for 2017 and what we will be bringing you.

David and Biljana (and of course, Charlie - the resident 8lbs. security dog)

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