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How to use Hulk Hold (aka Beard Balm, Tattoo Balm)

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Hulk Hold is the pinnacle of beard conditioning. We packed it full of incredible ingredients that are known to make beards shed a tiny tear. Just one tear. Beards instantly fall in love with Hulk Hold, and you will as well. You can also use this product as a skin and tattoo protectant.
Not only does Hulk Hold have incredible conditioning properties, we specially crafted this product to increase the amount of hold your beard experiences. We have all gone through a day when your beard just doesn't want to cooperate. It normally starts when you wake up and half your beard is jetting out to the left, and the other side is flat against your cheek. You slept weird. It's fine. We all do. But just because you had an awkward sleep, doesn't mean your beard needs to suffer all day.
In this short blog, I am going to give you some tips on how to properly use Hulk Hold to get the best results for you and your beard.
Step One: Preparation.
The best time to use Hulk Hold is directly after showering while your beard is still damp. Having your beard damp allows the product to be worked throughout the beard easier. If you are not showering (personal hygiene is super important for your beard!), you could use some of our beard oil to help soften and dampen your beard prior to applying Hulk Hold.
Step Two: How much to use.
This is where you must decide what is right for your beard. There isn't a 'one size fits all' approach with Hulk Hold, but our recommendation is starting out with a dime size portion, then adding more if needed. (I normally use a quarter sized amount for reference) Once you scoop out your desired amount, simply rub your hand together vigorously to melt the product.
Step Three: Application.
Once you have melted the product in your hand, you can begin working it throughout your beard. My personal application steps may differ than yours, but I start by dabbing my fingers on the outer edges of my beard. I start with the sides of my beard, and work my way towards the cheek area of my beard. I don't press to hard because I only want the outer layer of my beard to have the product on it at first. Once I get to my cheek area, I then start working the rest of the product deeper in my beard, from the outer layer in. This technique helps keep your beard together throughout the day and gives it a nice full look.
Step Four: Comb and Set.
After working the product into your beard, splash a little bit of water on your hands and give your beard another run through. After wiping your hands off, grab your favorite beard comb and comb your beard out. I comb mine from the bottom of my beard up and out. This helps remove some of the tangles and produces the full look. Then simply comb your beard from the top down, style as you normally do, and you are done.
***A little bonus tip - if you want to 'set' your beard, you can use a hair dryer to help. On medium heat, hold the hair dryer with your left hand, comb in the right. While you comb your beard from the top down, follow your comb with the hair dryer, slowly heating the product back up. Don't go at a snails pace, but at a moderate speed and about 2 inches away from the comb. After you have gone through your entire beard, switch the hair dryer to the cold setting, and repeat. This will 'set' the product, giving it the maximum hold.***
This is Hulk Hold; an all day hold product with incredible conditioning. We hope you have found this useful and will help you take your beard to the next level.
As always, stay Rustic and have a great week!

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