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Let's Revisit Hulk Hold

David Ferrell

Last year, we wrote a short blog entry about how to use our signature product, Hulk Hold. We went step by step into how to use and apply our product. However, much has changed since that time. We are always listening to your feedback and because of that, we decided it was time for an update.

Recently, we have changed the formulation of Hulk Hold. It is still packed with the same benefits and hold aspects, but comes in a much better form. Typical balms are heated, then poured and allowed time to cool. When this is done, the balm becomes hard, which requires you to utilize your finger nail to scoop the product out. Our Hulk Hold product, while similar to both balms and butters, is a little more unique than that.

In our previous formulations, tiny "clumps" would occur during the shipping process. You, our customers, alerted us to this in your feedback. We immediately began working on fixing the issue, and we are glad to say, we have. While consistency is a paramount part of our business, listening to you is even more important. Because of you, our Hulk Hold product is now second to none. We have corrected the clumps, re-energized the scent, and made Hulk Hold become a staple of bearded routines all over the world.

This current formulation is creamy. It is silky. It is fluffy. While we can't say how we get it to this form, we can tell you that time is vital to the end result. Anyone can slap a label on a bottle or tin and call it a balm. But what we have done is innovated and improved what is available for your beard, because of YOU. You gave us the feedback and guidance on what you wanted to use on your beard and the results you wanted to see. While we can always improve, and we continually do so, Hulk Hold is and should be your #1.

While we might be a little biased on our Hulk Hold product, we believe you will be too when you try it. Hulk Hold is the best of both an oil and a balm, or butter, or whatever you might want to call it. We simply feel Hulk Hold is the most accurate way to describe it.

If you don't believe us, head on over here, to check out and read the reviews on it from others, just like yourself. While you're there, snag yourself a tin. You and your beard won't regret it. 

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