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This year is all about focus.

David Ferrell

Our 2017 Plan

I have always been a person to believe that being transparent in all that I do is important, especially when a company can do it. We take your feedback seriously, and use it to shape our product lines, decision making and overall direction. I am excited to share with you a few insights on our plans for 2017 and beyond.

During our first 2 years of business, we have tried a lot of various things - some with great success and others not so much. We have never been afraid to try things and fail, as long as we learn from those mistakes. We learned that we are really good at our ordering processes. We take every step to make your ordering experience memorable by providing a clean and clear checkout process, fast shipping turnarounds, and an open communication platform. We have also learned that we need to be a little better at offering more clothing, lifestyle & grooming accessories. Those are in the works right now!

We originally started with four beard oils and our original balm. Throughout the last 2 years, we have released new products like our Daybreak Beard Oil, our Hulk Hold | Condition + Hold, our women's line of Body Butter and Lip Balm, and a few others. During this time we have been able to gather valuable feedback regarding the products we make and have decided to make a few changes for 2017 and beyond.

Beginning in June 2017, we will no longer offer our Lemon Drop Beard Oil and our Rustic Original Balm. With the development of our Hulk Hold product, it is clear to us that you all love it! Hulk Hold is the best of both worlds - a beard oil and balm all-in-one. With its incredible level of conditioning and superior hold - without becoming hard or flaky - Hulk Hold is the future of beard care. Here are a few highlights about our Hulk Hold line:

  • Beginning in June 2017, Hulk Hold will be available in multiple scents including The Rustic Original, Daybreak, Midnight Train and Texas Spice.
  • The new Hulk Hold formula provides a creamy, almost butter like texture and feel. We listened to your feedback and worked to remove the tiny "clumps" that would develop in the product.

We are sad to see our original Beard Balm make its way out, but are excited as we move forward with Hulk Hold.

It means the world to me that you take the time to read this email and that you choose to let us help you invest in your beard and yourself. It's without a doubt that Rustic Beardsman customers are the best people in the world. Ya'll are smart, passionate, and never afraid of letting us know how you feel about what we do and what we offer. We are so thankful for your support!

As 2017 continues, be on the lookout for a few more changes and some new products being developed. Next month we will unveil our newest, special edition beard oil - Black Deed!

David Ferrell
The Original Rustic Beardsman and Owner

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