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Why Use A Boar's Hair Brush | The Rustic Beardsman

David Ferrell

Why Use A Boar's Hair Brush?
Since we began selling this incredible Bass Boar's Hair Brush, we have been getting an influx of questions about its use, its purpose, and why it is important to have in your beard care arsenal. We're here to help and will spend the next few minutes discussing why this brush is amazing for any beard type.
The Benefits of Using A Brush.
Since the 1800's, boar's hair brushes have been used to create shiny, healthy hair. Both men and women have been using boar's hair brushes for over 200 years or longer, and here are a few of the benefits of using one for your beard.
  • Boar's hair brushes help your natural sebaceous oils that are secreted from your scalp to naturally coat each hair shaft. The unique structure of each bristle allows them to carry the oils throughout your beard, repairing dry, itchy beards.
  • Boar's hair brushes help improve your beards texture. Beards are typically curly, not straight. This is because your hair naturally curls back towards your face as the hair grows outward. Using a boar's hair brush helps loosen the beards curls, and will assist in changing the texture of your beard to where the hairs become untangled and lay straighter on your face, giving you a more conditioned, full looking beard.
  • Boar's hair brushes help stimulate your skin. Because of the type of brush we provide, the firm bristles help to stimulate your skin underneath your beard, stimulating blood flow to the hair follicle, which can help improve hair growth.
  • Boar's hair brushes help to naturally clean your beard. Yes, you read that correctly. Boar's hair brushes help to naturally clean your beard. The reason this is true, is because the boar's hair bristles separate each hair while brushing them, removing dust particles, dirt and other parts of the day. While we suggest washing your beard with our beard wash 2-3 times per week, using a boar's hair brush will help keep your beard clean and maintained in between those washings.

These are just a few of the benefits of using a 100% boar's hair bristle brush, and this brush from Bass Brushes will give you and your beard an incredible experience while using it. Here are an additional few tips about brushing your beard using this brush:

  • Use this brush when your beard is dry, not wet. Brushing your beard with firm bristles while wet can weaken the hair, causing breakage.
  • Untangle your beard first. Boar's hair brushes won't detangle your beard if it is a complete mess. First, start off with a wide toothed comb to detangle, then finish off using your boar's hair brush.
  • Always brush from root to tip. When brushing your beard, it is always best to start from root to tip. This practice helps to distribute the natural sebaceous oils, or beard oils throughout your beard. This will also help your beard to look fuller and healthier.
  • Regular cleaning of your brush is important. After every few brushes, clean your brush with warm, soapy water then rinse. If you have hairs that are stuck deep in the brush, grab your comb and comb the hairs out. Towel dry and let your brush air dry overnight.

Does this answer some of your questions about why a boar's hair brush should be apart of your beard care arsenal? We sure hope so, but if you do have any additional questions, feel free to comment below and we will get back to your quickly. Go ahead and grab yourself one of our brushes here. Our 100% Boar's Hair Bristle brush is produced by Bass Brushes, which has been making brushes and bamboo combs since 1979, and are hand finished to bring you the finest quality for you and your beard.

The Rustic Beardsman

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