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Do you have a physical location in Fort Worth?
Right now, no, we do not. We are an online only shop currently with plans to set up shop in the near future. Check out our Retailers page to browse the retail locations that stock our products.
Do you have any social media pages?
Of course! We have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Check them out by clicking the links below:
When will my product ship out?
We have a shipment timeframe of 1-3 business days*. We strive to send your order out as quickly as possible, so don't be surprised if you get a shipment notification the same day as your order. 
*This applies to regular business days, Monday through Friday, non-holiday. If orders are placed on Saturday or Sunday, your order will be shipped the following Monday.
USA Shipping
We utilize USPS calculated rates at checkout. We do this by weight of the products ordered. You will be shown the precise amount USPS charges to ship your order. We do not control these rates, as they are direct from USPS and could change at any time. This shipping method saves you, the customer, on shipping charges instead of paying a flat rate for any weight package.
We ship all USA orders via USPS.
**We do offer a free shipping rate for any purchase over $55.00**
For bulk orders, the shipping charge will change based on order weight. Please email prior to making bulk orders.  
*This is an estimate of how long it will take for you to receive your shipment once it is dropped in the mail. This estimated timeframe is not a guarantee.
Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses? 
We do ship to APO/FPO addresses, which can take up to 45 days to receive.
Discounts and Sales
Every now and then we will run a discount through our social media platforms, or run sales on item(s) with no discount code required. These discounts or sales are subject to change at any time, without notice. If you miss a discount code offer or sale, we reserve the right to honor or not honor them once the discount code or sale has expired. We're cool people, so don't worry, we'll work something out for you!
If you subscribe to our automatic delivery option, additional discounts or sales are not applicable, as you will by default receive either 10% or 20% off with your subscription service.
Subscription Service
We offer a subscription based services that auto fulfills your favorite Rustic Beardsman products. The discount you receive is up to 20% off the regular retail price. You can also choose to have your subscription sent every 1 month, 2 months or 3 months. We reserve the right to adjust prices at any time, with no prior notification. If you wish to discontinue your subscription, simply login and cancel your subscription. You also have the ability to swap products in case you would like to try something different. We will notify you a few days prior to your scheduled subscription. If you do have any questions regarding your subscription, please email us. 
What about sales tax?
If you live in the great state of Texas, a 6.25% State Tax, and possibly a 0.0% - 2.0% County, Municipal and Other tax may apply. This will be applied to your order at checkout.  
International Shipping
We sure do! Worldwide.
USPS will auto-calculate the shipping charge for your order. We utilize USPS calculated rates, which saves you, the customer, on shipping charges instead of paying a flat rate for any weight package. During checkout you will be shown the shipping charge from USPS.
 (Please allow 1 - 4 weeks for delivery. Additional taxes or Customs Duties may apply*)
*This is an estimated timeframe and is not guarantee. Shipping timeframe could be longer. 
If you order your product(s) from outside the USA they may be subject to import duties and taxes. If you are charged any import duties or taxes, they are levied at the time the product(s) reach your specified destination. You, the customer, are responsible for any import duties, taxes or fees on your purchases. Due to the complexity of certain international laws, we do not know prior to shipping what charges may be incurred, as they differ from country to country. We are required by law to declare the full value of the package contents and cannot change this value. If for some reason, your order is refused, you, the customer, will be responsible for the original shipping expenses, as well as any additional fees, duties, customs or taxes incurred in shipping. Shipping internationally can sometimes take a while, this is why we do not give you an estimated time frame for shipping. Customs can sometimes hold packages for a number of days. If you have not received your order beyond 30 days, reach out to us at
Do you accept returns?
Yes, we do accept returns. We want to make this process as easy as possible, but of course, we would love to know why! If you feel like telling us we would greatly appreciate the feedback as it helps us get even better. If you don't feel like telling us, no worries, we still love you and will make your return painless. *Pinky swear*
Please check out our Return Policy page for more information on making a return.
Could anything in your products cause an allergic reaction?
We strive to craft the cleanest products possible, however ingredients we use may cause an allergic reaction. Our products contain soy, hemp, sunflower and a variety of essential oils or synthetic/natural fragrance oils that may include tree nuts. If you use our products, and develop an allergic reaction, first seek medical attention if necessary, then immediately cease using the product and email us at If you are allergic to any of the ingredients we use, we suggest you not purchasing our products. All products are made and handled in the same facility in which the ingredients are stored and packaged.
If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to visit the Contact page, our social media pages, or email us.