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Get To Know Us

I am a beardsman and quite proud of it. Growing my beard and taking care of it is my passion. I fell in love with it. But for years I would let my beard grow out only to have to shave it off because it was getting too tough to care for. Molded plastic combs left it feeling wiry and brittle. The available shampoos and conditioners were either full of sulfates or incredibly expensive. Beard oils were just coming into the mainstream market but there were so many products to choose from. It was a daunting task to figure out what might be best for me and my beard.

I began doing some research and experimenting with a variety of beard care products. I got a few close friends who enjoy wearing a beard to join me in this journey of testing and trying. The Rustic Beardsman, started in September 2015, is the fruit of this research and collaboration.
While there are hundreds, if not thousands of beard care companies out there, we feel that we are in a special place.
My name is David Ferrell and my wife's name is Biljana (Bil-yana). We live in the great state of Texas. I am a native Texan, but not much of the cowboy type. Biljana is a native Croatian, and immigrated to the USA in the late 90's. Biljana is fluent in Croatian, knows some German, and of course, English. Together, we share the responsibilities of running our business. From product procurement to operations; marketing and social media management; customer service and strategy; we form a united front, focused on quality, our vision, culture and business outlook.
My wife, Biljana, is solely responsible for the photography. Nearly everything on our site is taken by her. She is a professional photographer and perfectly shoots each photo, capturing the emotion of our products, our events, and our lifestyle.
The Rustic Beardsman is a small, two person operation right now. But we have plans to grow. We are committed to our four core values, which are:
Use the highest quality natural and organic products
Be price conscious for our customers
Provide the best experience and service
Be involved with the bearded community and be socially active
Check out our blog called Rustic Beardsman.
Each beard is unique. Each beard tells a story. Make us a part of your story.
Welcome to The Rustic Beardsman.