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It's All In The Details

Your beard deserves the best.
How do you find the right beard care company?
Everyday there are new beard care companies popping up all over the world. You see various companies on Instagram, or Facebook being "suggested" or "promoted." You might be curious as to which company to go with, and that is understandable because there are a lot to choose from. There are a couple of things you'll want to look for to know you are getting the best products, the best service, and the best experience for you and your beard.
It's all in the details.
The beard care market has exploded in recent years and there are a lot of companies out there jumping on board. There is a lot more to a beard care company than what's in the bottles or on the labels. We want to become part of your family and share our products with you.
We pride ourselves on providing the best experience for you and your beard. We pride ourselves on our quick shipment turnaround. We pride ourselves on our top quality packaging. And most of all, we pride ourselves on our presence, with you, via social media, email and in the community. We are always here available to chat.
Facial hair is a trait of men, and no matter the size or length of your beard, we support our fellow beardsman. We stay active on social media, and are involved in our local beard club. We also get involved with charity events like Movember. Just because another beard care company does not do these things, does not mean they are bad, it just may not be part of their company direction
So what do you look for in a beard care company? 
It makes us happy when someone opens up our box and sees what they spent their hard earned money on. Receiving something in the mail and opening it is an exciting experience, and we hope to bring you a sense of excitement when you open our products.
We also chose to use 100% natural and organic ingredients. We don't believe in synthetic fragrances, and quite honestly, you shouldn't either. This provides you the best quality ingredients from start to finish. Nothing we put in our products are synthetic. Lastly, we love being a part of the beard community and look forward to being a part of your story. There are a lot of good beard care companies out there. Give us a shot and some others too. We love crafting the best beard care products out there, and we are confident you will love them too.
The Rustic Beardsman.