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Beard Brush - The 897

$ 20.95

There isn't much that can top brushing one's beard. Constructed from solid bamboo with 100% natural firm boar bristles on a rubber pneumatic cushion, you'll soon be enjoying one of the best parts of being bearded.

Great to use in the morning to help get your beard back in order, this brush will get the job done every time. Brushes are perfect for helping to train your beard to lay together on your face, instead of flying in every direction. You can use brushes throughout the day, but we only recommend brushing your beard twice a day at most.

Brushes help stimulate and encourage your natural sebaceous oils to flow through your beard, nourishing and conditioning each hair. It will also add some shine and volume to your beard. This is one item that should be in every beardsman's kit.

**Wood color of comb may vary**

**When ordering, you will receive either two-tone, or single color comb**

Made by Bass Brushes.

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